How to Print a Receivable Aging in QuickBooks

Customize and memorize an A/R Aging Detail report:

A couple of aging reports are available in QuickBooks, and you can also customize any built-in reports so they report data exactly the way you want it.

    Start Quickbooks.  From the Reports menu, choose Reports > Customer & Receivables > A/R Aging Detail

    After the report displays, choose Modify Report.

    On the Display tab, change the date range to 12 months (for example, select Last Fiscal Year in the Dates drop-down).

    Change the Columns drop-down from 'Total only' to 'Detail

    Choose OK to close Modify Report.

    Choose Collapse on the reports buttonbar.

    Choose Print.

    Change the Orientation from Portrait to Landscape.

    Check the box "Fit report to 1 page(s) wide."

    Choose Preview.

    Choose Print.

    Choose Memorize and name the report 'A/R Aging - Detail.'